Tables and Desks

Ming Hall Table


The restoration of a Ming Dynasty table became a master class in the design and construction of classical Chinese furniture, which I have long admired for its clean lines and perfect proportions. This reproduction features the same complex joinery as the 300-year-old original, so secure and strong that glue is unnecessary.

Demilune and Mirror

Swiss pear, sassafrass

An elegant hall table whose legs join the apron in a style reminiscent of the French furniture designer Ruhlmann. The fine, smooth nature of pear demands equally refined, delicate details—hence the slight, crisp reveals and gently curving back lip.

Side Tables


Commissioned by a good friend and valued client, these tables are an attempt to pay homage to the classical Chinese form of the Ming dynasty. Padauk, a garish orange wood, eventually mellows to brick red and brown tones that approximate the beauty of the traditionally used (and long-lost) wood huanghuali.

Butcher Block Work Table


A table at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam inspired the demons carved in the corners of this butcher block. Specifically made to the height of an enthusiastic baker, the piece also accommodates wheels for easy maneuvering.

Side Table

Air-dried and quilted cherry, bubinga, tineo, pear and cherry veneers

One of a pair of low occasional tables with patchwork veneer tops and unexpected curves in the legs and feet.

Writing Desk

Swiss pear, sassafrass

A medium-size writing desk for an elegant setting. The legs meet the apron in a gentle curve; the fall-front drawer allows the use of a wireless computer keyboard.

Walnut Side Table


After struggling with initial sketches of this table, the form evolved and took shape once I stopped drawing and began roughing out the parts with hand tools. A simple design made to live alongside a couch, I constructed the piece from a stock of air-dried walnut that I had been saving for the right project. The legs, which are octagonal at the floor, sweep gently into the corners of the upper legs and apron.

Dining Table

Curly maple, green slate

Pie-slice curly maple veneer top on a bent lamination pedestal. The Latin phrase First come, first served reminds the diner of the task at hand. Lettercarving by Ann Conneman.

Hall Table with Mirror

Maple, curly maple, Japanese maple

A simple idea made interesting by combining contrasting types of maple; the textural variations of the wood (curly, straight, etc.) are used as the design elements in this piece.

Walnut Desk

Walnut, wenge

This walnut executive’s desk features dark wenge accents on the ridged spines of the legs.